Tap Tempo Tremolo


Tap Tempo Tremolo


The Tap Tempo Tremolo is the first and only DIY trem project that allows you to tap in the rhythm with a footswitch. This capability makes it easy to synchronize a rhythmic trem to the beat of your song. Besides that, it’s a great-sounding trem, and certainly the most versatile DIY trem out there.

The TTT covers territory from smooth and deep “throb”, through the classic “repeat percussion” effects to hard chopping square wave. It features 8 different waveforms, and the wave distort function allows you to change the character of each wave drastically.

The TTT uses a digital microcontroller to do the tap tempo and create the waveforms. It then uses an optocoupler to control volume. The audio path remains analog all the way through, while giving you the complexity and versatility of digital control. You don’t need to know anything about digital electronics to build the TTT – the PCB comes with a pre-programmed microcontroller, and you just pop it into the circuit board like any analog part (though it’s recommended that you use an IC socket instead of soldering it directly into the board).

The TTT’s digital LFO is designed by Tom Wiltshire.

Click here to download the Tap Tempo Tremolo build PDF. This file includes wiring diagrams, schematic, bill of materials, and details on adding useful mods. Please right click and save this file to your computer, rather than opening it from the site each time you need to check something.

Here’s a thread with questions, answers, build reports and photos of the TTT.

Here's an alternate way to wire the bypass switch,  which grounds the LFO signal when the effect is bypassed. 

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