MusicPCB is operated by Taylor Livingston. I'm a musician and have been experimenting with building musical electronics since 2004. 

The projects on this site are oriented towards people who have some experience with building pedals or DIY electronics in general. They're not the absolute simplest circuits out there, and the documentation does not explain topics like how to solder, cut and strip wire, etc., so they may not make the best first project for an absolute beginner. If you haven't built something from a PCB before, read over the documentation before placing your order to get a feel for how the project will go.

Whether you've built pedals before or not, if you're interested in this hobby, I recommend that you spend some time reading the DIY Stompboxes Forum and refer to it if you get stuck with your build, particularly the FAQ, Debugging Links, and "What to do when it doesn't work."